All projects are intended to be taken by a single or at most two persons.

  • Programming projects yield up to a maximum of 6 points, reading projects yield up to a maximum of 3 points. Taking a project implies that it should be completed within the last exam call of the fall session (on September/October).
  • The expected outcome of a programming project is the codebase, paired with a 15' presentation. The expected outcome of a reading project is a well-structured report, summarizing the key concepts, and a 15' presentation.
  • Projects are assigned on a FCFS basis, employing as timestamps the reception date of a mail directed to both the professor and the teaching assistant. A meeting in person will be arranged to provide further details to the project(s) you may be interested in, upon mail reception.

The project list is available here.

* The list does not include all the interests of the group: proposals coming from the students are welcome.